My Boring Resume

Personally I don't believe in resumes, I find them to be a tool of employers to pigeon-hole prospects and weed people out based on arbitrary paper qualifications that have little or nothing to do with the actual work to be done. Nobody hires a resume, they hire people and nothing beats a face to face meeting in order to get to know someone. That being said, most employers require resumes so here's mine.

General Qualifications and Transferable Skills

Entrepreneurial- I started my first business at the age of 10, and have viewed every position since with a business owner’s eye.

Sales and profit driven- As a salesman and entrepreneur I have developed a keen understanding of the importance of both the top and bottom lines on the balance sheet. Over the past year, faced with a down economy and shrinking industry I have still managed to post modest growth in my department.

Customer Service Minded- Building long term customer relationships is the key to maintaining and expanding any business.

Hard Working- From a very young age I learned to work until the job is not only done, but done right. When required; come in early and stay late.

Adaptable- I strongly believe that the salesman or customer representative in any business should be flexible and knowledgeable enough to step in and complete any basic operational task on behalf of the customer.

Professional Experience

April 1999 to  Sales Manager / Artist Representative
Present           Indie Pool (Canada) Inc.
                      Toronto, Ontario CANADA
- Manufacturing broker CD replication/duplication, Retail, on-line and digital audio distribution for independent recording artists.

May 1997 to   Customer Service Representative
October 1999 Oracle, The Assistance Group
                       London, Ontario CANADA
- Incoming Cell-Centre claims report for Home/Auto Insurance and Emergency Roadside Assistance

January 1995 to Owner / Partner
March 1999      Art-Tec Productions Inc.
                         St. Thomas, Ontario CANADA
- Independent recording studio catering to local artists and small businesses, song-writers and advertising production.

May 1994 to      Studio Operations / Recording Engineer
November 1994 Trans World Radio Inc.
                          Vienna, AUSTRIA
- Gospel mission broadcasting the word of God in 7 languages via transmitters in 3 countries in Eastern Europe.

August 1992 to   Staging Technician
May 1993          Motivational Media Assemblies Inc.
                          Calgary, Alberta CANADA
- Staging multi-media programming on effective choices and a subtle Christian theme in High-schools across western Canada.

In addition to the formal work experience listed here I also worked my way through much of my childhood and High School by starting and managing a 26 head rabbit farm. Starting at the age of 10, I cared for the animals’ health and hygiene and ran a breeding program for meat production.

During this time my animals were consistently recognized with the highest possible health and food safety rating by the provincial meat inspector.

Volunteer Experience

September 2000 to   Board of Directors
June 2002                 Southdale Chaplaincy
                                 London, Ontario CANADA
- Overseeing the work and mission of a Christian Chaplain placed within a community housing project. Catering to the spiritual needs of recent immigrants and low wage earners.

September 2008 to   Home Church Elder
Present                     Ginger Downs Home Church (The Meeting House)
                                Mississauga, Ontario CANADA
- Leading weekly Bible Studies and co-ordinating local compassionate outreach in our community.


September 1991 to   Audio Recording Engineer
June 1992                 Vocational Certification
                                 Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology
                                 London, Ontario CANADA

September 1986 to    Ontario Academic Certificate (OAC)
June 1991                  High School Diploma
                                 North Middlesex District High School
                                 Parkhill, Ontario CANADA